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OUR co-founder

With María, our co-founder and agronomic engineer as your host, you will learn about local food systems, sustainability, our experience as food producers and the role that small farms like ours play in the world.

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Discover the magic land 
of Turrialba

Blanco & Negro actively contributes to our local food system in the Turrialba valley and its mountainous system. This region boasts ideal climatic and soil conditions to promote food security.


These features grant us the opportunity to consume a significant portion of our food, either grown or crafted in nearby soil, exercising our right to enjoy healthy and locally-sourced meals.

and enjoy 
a grand finale

A meal time from the farm to the table that shows the best of our harvest and our preserved products. 

Your meal will be prepared by the Blanco y Negro team tasting the natural flavors of our harvests shine through by their very nature.

Expect simple, elegant and absolutely delicious food!

​We offer a selection of wines to choose from for an additional fee for a delicate pairing.

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From farm to table is truly a wonderful experience at Blanco & Negro. Such a beautiful setting with delicious fresh food prepared with love ❤️  Thank you for a memorable tour and a fantastic meal!

- Geri Marturano

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