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through sensitive awareness

Enduring learning happens when we attune ourselves to reality.

Our higher education partnerships aim to offer a comprehensive experience in food production and sustainability, encompassing technical, practical, and emotional dimensions.

We place emphasis on cultivating both technical-scientific expertise and human development, tailoring our workshops to align with the distinct learning objectives of each academic group.

However, we serve as an ideal collaborator for institutions engaged in sustainability education, whether at the primary, secondary, undergraduate, or graduate level.

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Experiences unlocking wisdom
beyond knowledge's reach

Sensitivity, sense of purpose, knowledge and organized project management are the 4 elements that we consider key to success in the sustainable development of our planet.

With these elements we can combine and move resources, to respond to contingencies and speak the right word at the right time to bring
hope to the world.

We are going to show you how. 

We also educate in our
local community

Through a public-private collaboration with the Costa Rican National Learning Institute, each year several hands-on courses in organic and regenerative agriculture are offered free of charge on our farm for our local community. 


We actively work to develop local knowledge and skills that strengthen food security in our region. 

The income earned through our educational program makes this possible. 

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Our experience with Finca Blanco y Negro Sostenible is always rich. We love to include it as part of the itinerary for university groups seeking practical engagement with concepts of sustainability, entrepreneurship, agricultural innovation, and environmental responsibility.

The personalized service, attention to detail, fluency in explaining their processes, and of course, the delicious food, make their Farm to Table a unique approach to seeing what is learned in the classroom come to life in the field. Blanco y Negro Sostenible and its experiences are a perfect example of the Costa Rican culture that seeking to integrate business responsibily and successfully with the environment.

Gerente de Grupos Personalizados, Raleigh International

White & Black really reinforces my commitment to sustainability, it provides hope that living sustainably will not only be a movement, but also accessible, because the methods I learned here are not only affordable, but also incredibly innovative. I can see this movement growing all over the world, especially in areas where resources are scarce. Blanco & Negro makes me feel incredibly hopeful. Thank you!

Biology ProfessorA&M Praierie University, Texas 

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