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Experience what

transforms you

We serve our local community.

You carry the message to the world with your experience.

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Sustainable Agriculture & Community Intensive Internship

In our all year-round Internship Program, participants become temporary members of our team, gaining insights into sustainable agriculture, food preservation, farm-to-table cuisine and sustainable tourism. The program also provides exposure to our local food system. 

Educational program

Education is at the core of our mission.


Mainly focused on higher education but open to all education levels, our program provides students with hands-on exposure and interaction with an operating sustainability project and business. 

Our goal is practical and straightforward — to inspire, collaborate, and help students discover their genuine potential for making positive change.

Farm to Table

A curated experience that features both agricultural education and fine dining. 


Blending technical insights into sustainable agriculture and leisure, you will learn about our experience as farmers, while enjoying our signature cuisine featuring fresh and preserved foods from our farm and our local partners. 

Our Farm Stay

Explore our cozy two-bedroom country vacation rental.

It's warm, inviting, and comes with a bonus – a stunning view of the Turrialba Volcano.

Perfect for rest and connection with nature.

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Blanco & Negro Pop Up

Blanco & Pop Up is how we throw fun and beautiful events to connect with our community. Whether we're celebrating special occasions or giving a chance to learn something new, our pop-ups are always cozy, deep, and easygoing. It's our way of celebrating sustainability in everything we do.

Hands-on Workshops

We provide hands-on sustainability workshops that are both enjoyable and educational. Participants learn practical skills like composting, mushroom cultivation, farm-to-table bakery, and personalized business guidance. 

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